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Page updated on 30/10/18

New Chester & North Wales CTC Kit


A final order for 43 long-sleeved shirts and 40 long-sleeved jackets has been sent to Impsport. The lead time for production is seven weeks, giving an expected delivery date around 14th December 2018.

Information from John Ferguson – Organiser

Long-sleeved Shirt and Light-weight Training Jacket

The design of the new Club Shirts in yellow, black and white proved very popular with our members. Chester and North Wales CTC is pleased to announce the opportunity to purchase Long- sleeved Shirts and Lightweight Training Jackets in the new C&NW CTC design. A great deal has been negotiated with the manufacturer for both of the garments which is being partly subsidised by the Club. By offering these items we hope the Club will retain its visible presence on the road for a greater proportion of the year.

Long-sleeved Shirt – £35

Light-weight Training Jacket – £50

Chester and North Wales CTC's new Club shirt

Front. Click image.

Chester and North Wales CTC's new Club shirt

Back. Click image.

Garment Descriptions

The appearance of the Long-sleeved Shirt and Light-weight Training Jacket is identical but technical details are different. Click here for more information.

Long-sleeved Shirt is of similar weight and cut to the popular short-sleeved C&NW CTC shirt.

Light-weight Training Jacket is NOT a heavy weight winter jacket. It is described by Impsport as follows:

"One of our most popular jackets ... the Lightweight Training Jacket is a high-performance garment designed for variable riding conditions. Conceived as an all-day outer layer that is wind-resistant, highly breathable and super comfortable to wear, it is versatile enough to be worn in all but the coldest conditions."


Long-sleeved Shirt is the same fit as the short-sleeved shirts previously purchased.

Light-weight Training Jacket is the same fit as the shirts, and is pattern-graded based on it being worn over a garment. If your Short-sleeved Shirt is medium, order a medium jacket.

Click here for a Table of Sizes (check also with the fit of your previously ordered shirt).

Payment and Distribution

Minimum orders of 10 garments for each item are required to obtain the reduced prices. There are two order forms –one for each type of garment. Please send separate cheques with each form. If the minimum orders are not achieved you will be notified and the cheques will be destroyed.

Only orders paid for by cheque accompanied by an order form will be accepted.

Orders must be received by 20th October 2018.

Click here for an order form for the Long-sleeved Shirt.

Click here for an order form for the Light-weight Training Jacket.

To keep distribution costs down, ordered kit will be distributed via Chester and North Wales Informal Groups (and our additional 'very' informal groups!).