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Page updated on 21/1/18

The Fabulous Ladies Club

The dates of the Fabulous Ladies Rides for 2018 are included in the Chester CTC rides list.

The CTC has encouraged national local Member Groups to run a 'five miles to fabulous' over the past few years in order to promote cycling to ladies who are under-represented in cycling circles (honest!). The idea is that a distance of five miles, although it may not sound like much to you or me, is a reasonable distance that people think they may be able to achieve. This is equal to about ½ hour riding (no, really!). So, I attempted to run a session in June 2008, and two riders turned up. OK, not the hordes I feared, but we had a pleasant short ride through the Zoo and along the canal. I thought, 'I can manage this once a month', so began the idea for the Fabulous Ladies Cycling Club.

Rides are now scheduled for once a month (see dates list), and always start at Kingsway Café at 10am (prompt!). Sometimes we return to the café; sometimes we make our way to a different café, enabling us to go a little further. We always wait for everyone, and re-group after a hill or at road junctions.


The most frequent comment people make is 'I was worried I would not keep up, but it has been easy and very friendly'.

You can contact me for more information if you have any worries or questions; or check out the ladies blog here.

The dates of Wirral Bicycle Belles rides in 2018 are included in the CTC Two Mills Rides List.