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Page updated on 25/2/14

THE LINK - Club Magazine

We are delighted to welcome our new Editor Martin Brooks.

Having 'volunteered' to edit 'The Link' I thought it might be prudent to introduce myself!

My name is Martin Brooks and I moved to Rossett with my partner, Sarah, both having retired last May to concentrate on our passion in life, cycling!

I started cycling in the early 80s and have ridden consistently since then, mainly club riding and time trials but in the last few years, we have been concentrating on continental touring, Audax and 'pleasure riding'.

I am more than willing to help the cause by editing 'The Link' starting off with the March edition but please bear in mind that we are off on our travels in May for four months on a circular tour covering Poland, Romania, Bosnia, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. This means that it will be somewhat difficult to manage any other editions during that time.

So ........ please let me know what you would like including in the March edition, any new formats or ideas will be most welcome.

I have a couple of ideas that people might be interested in especially on the camping/touring front - see our website

What about a 'Technical Section'?

We also have a few classic bikes, English and also Sarah has a Vitus 979 dural model - any interest in old bikes/renovations?

Do we have a swap/buy section?

Just a few ideas ........

Please contact me with your ideas, opinions, articles, comments, experiences, complaints etc etc for inclusion - I'm sure the membership will be most grateful.

Martin Brooks
54, Alyn Drive
Wrexham LL12 0HQ
Phone: 01244-639762     Mob: 07973-829836