Page updated on 19/7/08


Sue Booth, Development Officer

Cycling is a free, sociable, environmentally friendly form of exercise and transport. It is achievable by most and available to many.

In the past 21 years that I have been cycling in Chester and North Wales, I am aware of only a handful of people of my age who have become members - and few of them are women. Children, young people and ladies appear to be under-represented in cycling groups generally. Maybe it is the pressure of bringing up children, working, or a fear that cycling is too difficult, and that they will not be able to keep up with a group.

However, speed is not the be all and end all, and anyone of any age can participate and enjoy cycling. It is easy to start with short distances and a slow pace, and once hooked, this can grow.

The role of Development Officer is a new and evolving one. My mission is to support or initiate the introduction and development of cycling within communities in the Chester and North Wales CTC area. I am linking with other local cycling organisations as I believe it is important to utilise local resources. My initial contacts will centre in Chester, as this is where I live. As I have a family and work full-time, I need to set myself achievable goals. I envisage these partnerships to be complementary, not competitive - many members of these groups are members of the CTC already.

I would like to put together a newsletter periodically, to update my activities, how and with whom. I am always open to suggestions or support - I cannot do this on my own!

My short term goals are as follows:

  1. Linking with other local cycling groups and authorities, to raise awareness of CTC, and reciprocal arrangements of increasing knowledge among CTC members of our close cycling colleagues
  2. Participating in national and local cycle and sports events either in organising them, or being present with an information board and literature
  3. Developing posters and leaflets to promote the cycling activities of local groups
  4. Re-launching regular family rides through the summer months
  5. Maintaining the links between cycling groups in Chester and North Wales to bring riding groups closer through a consolidated rides list and joint events.

Please contact me with questions or ideas.    Sue Booth - Development Officer