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  • Mike Cross reading birthday cards width:537;;height:720
  • David Cox (Chair of CTC) and Mike Cross (President of Ch&NW CTC) width:720;;height:480
  • Catherine Green and Michael Wright (Millennium Greenway Friends) width:550;;height:720
  • David Cox, Catherine Green, Michael Wright, Mike Cross width:720;;height:447
  • Commemorative Birthday Cake width:720;;height:576
  • Group photo width:720;;height:372
  • Group photo width:720;;height:379
  • Top table width:720;;height:450
  • Ch&NW CTC President's Chain of Office width:611;;height:720
  • Trophy Display width:720;;height:321
  • Tourist Competition Team Medals width:720;;height:429
  • Tourist Competition Ch&NW CTC Best Lady and Man width:720;;height:412
  • Certificate Display width:720;;height:370
  • Sliced Commemorative Cake width:720;;height:374
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