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Page updated on 26/2/09

Other Rides

Chester Easy Riders is an independent cycling group which was started in 2008 by former DA Secretary Bryan Wade to provide a variety of mid-week on-road rides from starting points in and around the City of Chester. Rides take place every Thursday throughout the year starting from one of eight pre-selected café/tea places. Rides are easy paced (12mph/20kph) and social with plenty of time to chat and make friends. The emphasis is on the enjoyment of cycling with friends and colleagues. New members are especially welcome; all we ask is that regular members have third party ride insurance, either through the CTC, or some other body.

'Photo taken by the friendly cafe waitress

If you're retired, work flexi-time, part-time or shifts, or have some free time come along and join us cycling the Cheshire countryside. The format is flexible and designed to provide the opportunity for full day or half day rides. We meet for elevenses at one of eight café/tea places at 10.45 am with the ride starting at 11.15 am. The ride destination/lunch stop (usually a pub) is decided on the day by those who turn up for elevenses taking into account the weather, daylight hours and the experience and interests of the riders. Rides are essentially on-road rides using quiet roads and lanes although some may include small sections on tracks and canal towpaths. Some rides may be long, some short, some hilly and some extremely leisurely; it's all about variety but with the single rule that no one gets left behind.

With the exception of the Little Roodee Café the café/tea place starting points have been selected to lie about one hours cycling time from the centre of Chester and form a ring around the City thus providing a jumping off point to explore the lanes and countryside in all directions. All the starting points have their own parking or public parking nearby. The starting points are rotated each week so that each café/tea place is revisited only every eighth week.

Café/tea place starting points

Meet for elevenses at 10.45 at the following café/tea places (with ride time from Chester):

  1. Little Roodee car park Café by Grosvenor Bridge Chester
  2. Coffee shop /restaurant at Ness Botanic Gardens (70 mins.)
  3. Ice Cream Farm at Tattenhall (50 mins.)
  4. Tudor House Café Caergwrle (public car parking in village) (60 mins.)
  5. Windsurfing Centre at Manley Mere (40 mins.)
  6. Gallery Tea Shop Hawarden (public car parking in village) (45 mins.)
  7. Rose Farm Garden Centre Utkinton (70 mins.)
  8. Bellis Garden Centre Holt (60 mins.)

To join us simply make your own way to the appropriate elevenses café/tea place for 10.45 am. For a full day ride, cycle out to the elevenses café/tea place and join the others for the ride. If you are looking for a shorter ride with friends just bring your bike by car to the elevenses café/tea place, park-up (but obtain the permission of the owners first) and join the ride there: we'll get you back to the start for afternoon tea. For a half day ride just cycle out to the elevenses café/tea place, have a chat and then make you own way home again. Whichever you decide you will be made welcome.

If you are joining us for the first time contact Bryan Wade prior to the ride to confirm details.

For more information contact text or call 07901 553533 or visit